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50 Tales of Flight - New ebook now available

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Owen Zupp with his Jabiru for the There and Back flight

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Experiencing flight from yesteryear

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In good company with a Royal Australian Air Force fighter jet

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Down to Earth - Owen's first book

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On the publicity trail for There and Back

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Owen with Doreen McGlashan from 'Down to Earth'

Owen Zupp is an Australian-based author, pilot and keynote speaker.

Welcome to his website and the home of the tremendous Aviation Blog.

An experienced commercial airline pilot, his writings have featured in magazines around the world, while his first book, ‘Down to Earth’ was published in 2007. Now his best-selling '50 Tales of Flight' is setting a new benchmark. A former paramedic, Owen offers a unique insight into his writings and presentations with a distinctly human element.

Whether you’re interested in his most recent article or an upcoming book, this is where you’ll see it first. 2014 promises to herald in a variety of exciting projects for Owen and this is where you can be a part of it.

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