‘Without Precedent’ is the biography of commando and fighter pilot, Phillip Zupp. One man who served in two very different wars. During World War Two, he saw combat on the ground in the Pacific before patrolling Hiroshima and Tokyo at the war’s end. In Korea, Phillip flew 201 combat sorties amid intense ground fire and the ever-threatening MiG fighters. Peace brought a career that spanned the globe and the skies above it. All the while, the intriguing story of the search for a downed airman, a damaged jet and the first Australian Purple Heart lay dormant. Until now. 

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A great story about a remarkable man.
I feel privileged to have read this book. Phillip Zupp had a truly amazing life full of adventure and friendships . As an aviation enthusiast I appreciate the story of his aviation career. The diversity, history, and great detail in the book makes for compelling reading.
There are many amazing stories that I really enjoyed.
Owen has done a masterful job putting all this together through his personal experiences with his Father and extensive research.

What a Story - You Just Gotta Read This!
What a ride! From the jungles of PNG to ground attack sorties over North Korea, this book had everything!! There were just so many stories within this story and I loved the overarching theme throughout which is one of sheer determination and never wanting to let your mates down. Owen encapsulated the true Aussie spirit of the Digger and Airman beautifully and while reading I really felt that I got to know Phil quite well. In the end I even shed a tear as I felt the love that he had for his family. A beautifully written book that kept me fascinated and entertained from start to finish! It comes with the highest recommendation possible.

This is one of the best books I have ever read.
It is a story about family, humble beginnings, courage, the realities of war, love and uncompromising integrity. It is a book I simply could not put down and has been written for reasons that go way beyond just telling a story. It has been written with love and passion and the result is a quite extraordinary account of an incredible life.

Could not put book down
This is the story of a man who has been there and done it all.
Once again Owen has written an engaging book, which was impossible to put down.Phil achieved so much and won the respect of all.
Well written, and readable, I highly recommend this book , to anybody with an interest not only in aviation, but in personal achievement.

Highly recommended
Whether you enjoy military history as I do or you just like a true life story of someone who made good despite what fate and life threw at him, as I also do, then this book is for you.
Phillip Zupp was a modest hero, whether as a soldier, fighter pilot, flying instructor, air ambulance pilot or canecutter. His story is inspiring and so well told by his son, Owen Zupp. Our world is a better place because men like Phillip Zupp went before us and all such men need to have their stories as well told as his.


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