"The Forgotten Few". Gloster Meteor Mk. 8. An Aviation Image by Owen Zupp.

Owen Zupp - Monday, June 11, 2012

The Gloster Meteor Mk. 8

as flown by "The Forgotten Few", 77 Squadron RAAF Korea.


Painted in the markings of Sergeant George Hale, this flying Gloster Meteor can still be seen at the Temora Aviation Museum.

The Forgotten Few. An Aviation Blog by Owen Zupp.

Owen Zupp - Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Forgotten Few.

An Aviation Blog Review.

By Owen Zupp.


Today, for something a little different, here's a book review on a title that covers an often overlooked chapter in our aviation heritage; the Korean War. The book by Doug Hurst is appropriately titled, "The Forgotten Few". I had the pleasure of first corresponding with Doug during his research for this wonderful book and subsequently met him at the Australian War Memorial and also when I have spoken on aviation related topics at the National Press Club.


The Australian participation in the Korean War has for many years been largely overlooked. Much like the conflict itself, it seemed to be lost between the enormity of World War Two and the controversy of Vietnam. Doug Hurst’s newly released “The Forgotten Few” has gone a long way to resolving this oversight for those who served with 77 Squadron RAAF.


In a thoroughly researched and well written effort, Hurst has integrated the first hand experience and opinion of those who actually flew in the conflict. The resultant book is a tremendous balance of history and entertainment, which would be of equal interest to a veteran or their grandkids. It traces 77 Squadron’s early commitment flying Mustangs from their Japanese bases through their subsequent conversion and operations in the Gloster Meteor F8. From bomber escorts to ground attack and air-to-air engagements, the squadron and its pilots are thrust from role to role and base to base with minimal time to keep pace with an equally dynamic conflict that raged up and down the Korean Peninsula. Further underpinning the text are insights into the strategy, tactics and politics of the war which add yet another dimension of interest and understanding.


For much of the war, the pilots of 77 Squadron faced a one-in-four chance of being killed or taken prisoner. For those who met this fate and for those who served and survived, this book is not only an accurate record, but also a fitting tribute to a band of brothers who etched their own very significant mark in the war torn skies of Korea. Deservedly, this record goes a long way towards telling their story and ensuring that they are no longer “The Forgotten Few”.


Title: “The Forgotten Few” 77 Squadron RAAF in Korea
Author: Doug Hurst
ISBN:   978-1-74175-500-8
Pages: 253 pages and 12 pages of images.




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