My Top 5 Podcasts for Independent Authors and Publishers. By Owen Zupp.

Owen Zupp - Friday, December 29, 2017



I have been able to find my feet as an independent author and publisher, predominantly through the medium of podcasts.


My first independently published eBook was a rather haphazard affair which I hurriedly published before boarding an aircraft bound for Hawaii and yet by the time that the aircraft touched down, hundreds of copies of ’50 Tales of Flight’ had already been sold. The initial reviews were fantastic, although a few critical ones fairly commented on the cover and the chronology – two elements that I was able to revise with minimal fuss.


What those first sales and reviews highlighted to me was that I needed to become more informed if I was to pursue this creative endeavour further. Fortunately, the ‘Indie’ scene is comprised of many generous individuals who are prepared to share their journey and knowledge and in many cases, this is done via a podcast.


There are many podcasts for independent authors and publishers, but here are five that I have continued to listen to regularly for varying reasons. To avoid repetition, I will say that they ALL serve to educate the budding Indie in the core elements, but each podcast also brings an additional perspective that makes it different in its own way. Consequently, these five podcasts each bring a unique piece to the puzzle. Hopefully, this list will assist you.




1.       Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula.

Everything from A to Z.

For those in the know, Mark Dawson is an extremely successful author in his own right. Hosted by James Blatch and Mark Dawson, this podcast covers a range of topics through interviews with a range of guests encompassing all aspects of both writing and publishing. Mark Dawson is also well known for his courses in online advertising for authors and this podcast frequently offers an insight into this critical phase of a book’s life once it has been written.


2.       The Creative Penn.

The Authorpreneur.

Like Mark Dawson, Joanna Penn is well known in the industry as a successful author in both fiction and non-fiction realms. Her Creative Penn podcast is particularly informative in the business of authorship. Through open discussion, Joanna actively demonstrates how a successful author needs to have many strings to their bow to create a viable writing career and that an author needs the mindset of a CEO as well as that of a creative.


3.       The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins.

A Writing Life.

Jeff Goins has written a book discussing the concept that real artists don’t need to starve and quotes historical figures to support the concept. As the title of his podcast would suggest, Jeff takes a holistic approach to the author’s journey, embracing both the technical and the philosophical keys to creating a writing life – or portfolio.


4.       The Sell More Books Show.

Staying Informed.

The world of independent authors is dynamic to say the very least. Hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, this podcast is a weekly one-stop shop to keep pace with the latest developments in writing, technology and marketing. One could spend hours attempting to harvest the same information from numerous news feeds, but they all come to meet in this one podcast.


5.       Self Publishing Journeys.

You Are Not Alone.

This podcast by Paul Teague is probably less known than the preceding four podcasts, however, what it offers is an insight into the author’s journey at a range of levels. From Paul’s open and honest podcast diary, to a range of guests at differing stages of their writing and publishing careers, the listener can feel at one with like-minded authors. This podcast reaffirms that there is light at the end of the tunnel through the experiences of others.


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