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Owen Zupp - Saturday, December 17, 2011

My blog on Sir Donald Bradman and the International Cricket Hall of Fame seems to have generated a few questions from the broader community out there; a blog about cricket at an aviation website? The fact is that while aviation plays a major role at www.owenzupp.com there will certainly be a degree of diversity found here as well.

From a keynote speaking perspective, I have spoken to cricket audiences on numerous occasions on a range of topics relating to that sport. Similarly, I have spoken about my book, ‘Down to Earth’ and its subject, Squadron Leader Kenneth McGlashan AFC on numerous occasions. The Ansett collapse, my charity flight around Australia and flying ‘Air Tests’ on new aircraft types have all been topics that I have spoken on at venues ranging from Scouts Wings presentations to addresses at the National Press Club in Canberra. Part of the pleasure involved with keynote speaking is tailoring the address to the audience and heightening their interest. As such, there are a lot of topics out there aside from my love of aviation.

So you can expect a few surprises to pop up in the blog over coming months, but I trust they will retain a level of interest to one and all as I look for common threads, not narrow niches. My passion for writing has introduced me to a wonderful world of people and places beyond my expectations and it’s my intention to share that with my readers and audiences in the most entertaining manner I can achieve. So check back regularly and see what’s new. And should you be interested in me tailoring an address to your particular audience, please don’t hesitate to contact me at http://www.owenzupp.com/contact


An Aviation Website and Blog?

Owen Zupp - Monday, December 12, 2011

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has subscribed, emailed, commented or contacted me. It’s great to receive such feedback so early in the life of the new website.


One comment that has recurred is whether this is an aviation website and blog? The succinct answer is,.....well, yes and no. With such a strong link to aviation through my life thus far, it is inescapable for so many reasons. Not only has it been my prime interest for over forty years, but it was the means by which I have also entered the wonderful world of writing. However, www.owenzupp.com is not purely an aviation website.


From 2012 I will have a number of projects starting up. There is a reprint of an existing book, a new title, a DVD of ‘There and Back’ are just some of the tasks ahead of me. There are also some forays into new fields outside of the spectrum of flight. Amongst these are manuscripts that step away from the theme of my past writings and will not necessarily possess an aviation theme. Similarly, my speaking engagements have not been solely limited to aviation in the past. There have definitely been events where I have spoken about the ‘There and Back’ flight around Australia and such items as the decision-making process in aviation, however, there have been others. There has been interest in what is involved in moving forward after being retrenched, just as I was following the Ansett collapse. There have also been occasions when my experiences in the Ambulance Service have played a central role in discussions.


So, yes and no, www.owenzupp.com does possess an aviation theme, but that is not its limit. There will be a constant flow of varying viewpoints on a range of topics; particularly through the blog. So check back regularly, read the blog and see what’s new. If you get a chance, drop me a line, or sign up for the newsletter as the journey is only just beginning and as always, the more the merrier.




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